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Repression and prevention of subversive crime demands comprehensive insights into organizations and their connections

Experiencing staffing, time and resources challenges, many municipalities are struggling to proactively and efficiently identify illegal or abnormal activities that undermine integrity of companies and social institutions.

That is why Pandora Intelligence’s Regio Monitor provides municipalities with a comprehensive overview of characteristics and relations between organizations, their mutual connections and anomalies indicating potential subversion.

Regio Monitor collects, correlates and analyzes information about organizations. This information is used to assess organizations’ posture against market averages, local situation, domain specifics and infrastructure usage. Anomaly detection provides the relevant signals to identify potential labor exploitation, diverse forms of fraud, organized crime, or even drug production and trafficking.

This effectively results in municipalities’ ability to screen more organizations in less time and most importantly substantiate their fight against subversive crime.

To provide actionable intelligence, Pandora Intelligence’s platform makes use of data from a broad range of sources, which is combined into operational scenarios. In order to optimize utilization of the platform and sharing of information, it can be integrated with your existing tools and resources.


  • Overcome the lack of staff thanks to an automatically generated, precise and comprehensive picture of relevant organizations
  • Get a complete overview of the situation, including information such as company shareholding, relevant premises and locations, and relations with other entities
  • Support the teams making decisions by showing information from similar situations and the conclusions from those
  • Reduce costs with automated processes, delivering in-depth and high-quality analytics in real-time
  • Improve collaboration with 3rd parties with the ability to export case reports from the platform for sharing


To prevent the degrading effect of subversive crime on values, norms and the different layers of society, municipalities have the duty to identify criminal activity aiming to undermine the integrity of companies and social institutions. Therefore, analysts have to collect information and build insights into activity and companies operating in specific business parks. Analyst proceed by querying the chamber of commerce, investigating company shareholders, cadastral registration, registry of deeds, news articles and then analyze all the information they gathered to assess whether the company might participate in undermining activities.

In the exercise described hereabove, one analyst spent over a day manually gathering background information from a broad range of sources to be able to perform an assessment. The same result was achieved in less than 2 minutes by the same analyst working with Regio Monitor.

By providing company names or simply a geographic area as start point, the platform immediately consults all relevant data sources, such as chamber of commerce, cadastral registration, registry of deeds, insolvency register, personal records database, and news articles. It then creates a risk picture for each relevant respective organization, including the information substantiating the risk status. The analyst can then decide to further examine the case and start an investigation procedure with the relevant task force.

Proactively preventing subversive crime without stretching your teams