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Cargo Intelligence

Grow your business while reducing the risk of shipping illegal, military, and dangerous goods

Business challenge

The costs associated with cargo screening are on the rise, along with the penalties imposed on organizations that fail to comply with regulations by shipping illegal, military, or dangerous goods. Non-compliance not only leads to financial penalties and personal liabilities, but also poses risks to reputation and smooth operations.  

Carriers, freight forwarders, logistics operators and customs face challenges due to resources constraints. These constraints encompass financial limitations, technological deficiencies, and a shortage of human resources. These challenges affect the ability to screen cargo effectively and timely. As a result, these hurdles can hinder their growth ambitions while simultaneously increasing the risks of non-compliance, which ultimately impacts their competitive position in the industry.

Our Solution

Cargo Intelligence ensures enhanced and automated cargo screening – that aligns with international laws and regulations – to make sure that it is possible to process high volumes of cargo in a timely manner. By automating screening processes, this solution empowers carriers, freight forwarders, logistics operators, and customs authorities to efficiently process high volumes of cargo while reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Leveraging existing knowledge and data sources, Cargo Intelligence generates actionable and predictive intelligence, enabling risk prioritization and investigation of shipments with the highest risk of illegal, military, or dangerous goods. The result is the ability to make faster, more accurate and consistent decisions in the screening process, ensuring compliance and supporting ambitious growth objectives.

Do you want to grow your business while reducing the risk of shipping illegal, military, and dangerous goods?

Operational use

Upload documents: Upload the air waybill / bill of lading to the engine, automate it the use of our standard API 

Extract and enrich: Build context around the cargo, route, shipper, consignee (and more), and automatically check compliance and safety of the cargo 

Detect similarities: Learn from previous cargo shipments and include analyst feedback about older shipments 

Assess risk: Estimate risk posed by each item related to the shipment and calculate the cumulated risk score while weighting relevance 

Report and export: Generate the analysis summary for review and reporting and automatically push the risk score to your tools and workflow 

Decide and act: Validate the reported cargo risk and make a substantiated decision to take next steps 

benefits of cargo intelligence

Compliance: remain compliant with international laws and regulations anad decrease the risk of financial penalties and personal liabilities, while simultaneously safeguarding your organization’s reputation. 

Growth: increase the ability to process high volumes of cargo in a customer-friendly and timely manner. 

Cost savings: reduce dependency on manual labor by automating repetitive tasks, minimizing errors and overcoming staffing challenges. 

Operations: streamline operations to reduce the risk of business disruption, increase customers satisfaction and safeguard the efficiency in the supply-chain.   

Quality: make sure the screening process is done in an accurate and consistent way and always up-to-date with international laws and regulations.