Pandora Intelligence

A brief introduction to Pandora Intelligence

“We empower organizations with fast and responsible decision-making”


Pandora Intelligence is dedicated to empowering organizations with fast and responsible decision-making through a revolutionary SaaS ENGINE. Using a narrative approach with an AI-powered ontology, it creates predictive and actionable intelligence out of large amounts of dynamic and diverse data. Serving governments, law enforcement agencies, and enterprises such as airlines and financial institutions, Pandora Intelligence operates globally with value-added partners.


To enable you to understand your world, make fast and responsible decisions, and act decisively.


From, developers, to data scientists, from A.I specialists to consultants, Pandora Intelligence employs a broad range of domain specialists.


Our core values are responsibility, innovation, integrity and customer centric.


The foundation of Pandora Intelligence, was laid by founder Prof. dr. Peter de Kock. He studied at the film academy of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, where he discovered the power of screenplays in films and documentaries. After completing a Master’s degree in Criminal Investigation at the Police Academy, he led various departments of the National Police. There he started using (creative) scenarios to enhance detection of 2014 het earned his Ph.D. on which the approach of Pandora Intelligence is based.

In parallel, Peter Rakké had been working on a methodology by which computers would be able to relate and analyze huge amounts of data in the form of an ontology. Since the early nineties, and as CTO of various companies, he developed algorithms that could infer knowledge from data, at a time few people had even heard of the term Artificial Intelligence.

In 2017 Ard Jol joined the duo to transform the concepts and software into a scalable, commercial company. Ard succesfully led the company through the first years of its existence. As of 2023, Joost van Hest joined Pandora Intelligence as CEO. Joost is a seasoned leader, experienced in developing high-impact strategies for profitable growth at salesforce and British Telecom.