Pandora Intelligence

Law enforcement & Defense

Preserving national security and safety requires real-time and in-depth intelligence

To handle crisis situations, disasters or disruption of public order adequately, understanding context and background is of utmost importance. Building understanding requires the collection and analysis of large amounts of information. To support strategic decision making, information about historic incidents and lessons learned should be readlily available.

Pandora Intelligence provides the analytical power to produce real-time operational scenarios in situations in which every minute counts. To that affect our ENGINE correlates data from a broad range of sources and combines it with real-time (sensor) information. This empowers your organization to mitigate complex and time-sensitive situations.

A trusted party

The Ministry of Defense, National Police, Emergency Dispatch Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies trust Pandora Intelligence to ensure national safety and security.

How Pandora Intelligence can help you

Actual event from an Emergency Dispatch Center

The emergency dispatch center received a call from a man in distress. An intruder broke into his house, threatened the family with a firearm and kidnapped his wife. The emergency call was abruptly broken of after three minutes.
An Emergency Response Team of 12 people needed 75 minutes to gather and process all the information needed for an adequate intervention. That time turned out to be too long for the woman that was abducted.

How Crisis Intelligence helps

As soon as an incoming call is picked up, it is automatically transcribed. A speech-to-text application makes sure no information gets lost, and text- and datamining tools extract entities such as addresses, licence plates, telephone numbers etc. out of the data. This is used to build an operational scenario of the incident, and to create a Common Operational Picture for all emergecy services involved.  Realtime sources and sensor information are added to the scenario and historic incidents are consulted for best practices. 

In a situation in which every minute counts, the Pandora Intelligence ENGINE would have made a life-saving difference.

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