Pandora Intelligence

“Hope, which whispered from Pandora's box,
after all the other plagues and sorrows had escaped,
is the best and last of all things. Without it, there is only time.”

The Rule of Four

Products & Services

Pandora Intelligence is an independent intelligence company, specialized in security risks. We adopt a patented scenario-based approach that enables us to discover narratives in unstructured data. Moreover, we add real-time information to these scenarios and create actionable intelligence.


Knowledge discovery

Modern businesses are faced with enormous quantities of data. Hidden inside this data is unknown, and potentially useful information that can be turned into actionable intelligence. To this avail, we offer a patented approach to analyze large amounts of data. Our Artificial Intelligence and deep-learning algorithms allow your analysts and business managers to turn big data into probable and meaningful (future) scenarios.

Real-time information

When data is scarce, information is valuable. Therefore, we have set the Pandora scenario model to monitor social media, press releases, RSS feeds etcetera to help detect emerging narratives that may affect the domain of our customers.

Moreover, we support our clients by actively acquiring information about adverse organizations and relating this information to the Pandora scenario model.

To acquire competitive information we commission specially selected and highly skilled operational teams. We pride ourselves in maintaining a reliable network of professional operators that allow us to collect information (both covertly and overtly) in all continents, and most countries.

Actionable intelligence

Pandora Intelligence offers actionable intelligence, based on knowledge discovery and real-time information. Actionable intelligence reduces your data complexity and improves your competitive advantage.

Our analysts offer predictive analysis fit for strategic planning.

Our boardroom consultants will help mitigate threats and maximize opportunities.

Our 24/7 incident-response team will be prepared for any emergency situation you and your company may face.


Effectively, we will help your organization to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities.