Pandora Intelligence

“Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights,
the Cleric has determined
that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle,
is a statistically predictable element.“


Our approach

In the first decade of this century, the focus of organisations that deal with security-issues has shifted from correcting security breaches to anticipating security breaches. This approach emphasises the discovery of narratives in security-related data.

A scenario-based approach

To this avail, Pandora Intelligence offers an innovative and patented scenario-based approach that is custom-made, designed to suit the specific needs of every single customer.

A typical solution may consist of three basic steps: Accumulation of data, Knowledge extraction and the process we refer to as Compare, Combine and Create

1: Accumulation of data

First, we combine data of our customers, with our own datasets.

A: We annotate the enterprise data of our clients to discover the narratives hidden inside that data. (In this process we usually discover correlations that have been obfuscated to the human mind.)

B: We accumulate the enterprise data with our open source dataset (that is annotated accordingly)

C: We accumulate both datasets with data from creative sources such as literature and films. (Data from creative sources holds “deep knowledge” of a specific problem-field that is usually not present in the first two datasets)

2: Knowledge extraction

Second, our specially designed algorithms harvest the integrated dataset to extract domain-specific knowledge. This knowledge is subsequently introduced to the scenario model.

Additionally, Artificial Intelligence tools are applied to the dataset to suggest problem-solving options (that may be applied to the target scenario).

3: Compare, Combine and Create

Third, the domain specific knowledge is used to compare and combine specific scenarios, as well as to create new scenarios (according to the knowledge-rules found by our algorithms).

The newly generated scenarios are introduced in the integrated dataset. This way the dataset continuously expands and evolves.

Future scenarios

The creation of new (future) scenarios is found to be especially valuable by our customers as input for strategic planning.

The newly generated scenarios challenge our customers to improve the effectiveness of their organization by exposing the narrative of a thinking enemy.


Additionally, these scenarios help them to explore alternative futures, by suggesting what we refer to as “alternarratives”.

Alternarratives are counter-narratives or intervention-options that neutralise the story of the party that may compromise or customers.