Pandora Intelligence

Published on:03-04-2023

Pandora intelligence named one of the most innovative and fast growing companies in the Netherlands

Pandora Intelligence, active in predictive risk intelligence, has reportedly raised ‘4 to 6 million’ euros with the help of its newly appointed CEO Joost van Hest. Some of the funding comes from existing shareholders, and Van Hest himself also has a stake in the game, he says. The new capital injection should be sufficient until the end of 2024 to hire additional people, especially developers, to make the software more customer-friendly. The company aims to build software that can outperform the human brain in weighing decisions against risks.

Pandora Intelligence’s platform is currently used in various sectors, including aviation, port companies combating cocaine smuggling, municipal region monitoring, and law enforcement services. The goal is to create a mature SaaS product and expand internationally. At present, Pandora Intelligence has 40 employees, with plans to increase to 100 by the end of next year, including marketers and salespeople. This summary is based on an article of MT/Sprout.